CNC Milling Machine for T70B T90B T140B Elevator Guide Rails

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Co-effort
Certification: CO,CE,FORM A, FORM E
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: USD 30000/set
Packaging Details: Plastic Film and Wooden Case
Delivery Time: 75 working days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 10 sets for 75 working days
Detail Information
Name: CNC Milling Machine Type: For T70B T89 T90 T140B Elevator Guide Rails
Machining Accuracy: ≤0.05mm Motor Power: 13KW
Color: As Your Requirements Condition: New Machine
Diameter Of Cutter Head: Φ 200mm Control: PLC
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Product Description

Automatic CNC Milling Machine for T70B T90B T140B Elevator Guide Rails


CNC Milling Machine Overview


1. This machine tool is designed and manufactured by our company according to the processing requirements and processing technology of the T70B ~ T140B elevator guide rail, which is specially used for the processing of the end faces and large back faces of the elevator guide rail.


2. The machine tool is driven by servo motor and ball screw. All the movements use PLC automatic control. It can guarantee the automatic control of fast forward, milling end, fast forward, fast forward and milling back to the end, and return to the original point quickly. The touch screen is easy to understand and easy to adjust.


3. The guide rail of machine tool is lubricated by automatic lubricating pump to reduce wear and improve the service life of machine tools. The ball screw of machine tool is lubricated by the way of soaking in the lubricating oil. All necessary safety protection devices and protective covers are provided to ensure the safety of operators and machine tools.


1 Specifications for adapting to the guide rail of the processing elevator T70B~T140B  
2 The size of Workbench’s surface 1000×700 mm
3 Workbench working speed 300 ~600 Adjustable mm
4 Fast forward speed of workbench 5000 mm
5 Workbench rewind speed 5500 mm
6 Type of milling end power head 1TX32  
7 Rotating speed of milling end power head 630 R/M
8 Model of milling large back power head 1TX32  
9 Rotating speed of milling large back power head 630 r/min
10 Two power head with knife plate size 200 mm
11 Motor power of milling big back power head 7.5 kw
12 Motor power of milling end power head 5.5 kw
13 Maximum pressure of hydraulic station 4 Mpa


Main Structure and Technical Characteristics


1. Power head components

The machine tool uses two 1tx32 power heads to mill the end face and the large back face of the elevator guide rail, first milling the end face and then milling the large back face. 1tx32 power head has the characteristics of large transmission torque, reasonable structure, low noise and low maintenance rate. The internal gear is helical gear, all of which have been quenched and grinded. The motor model on the power head at the back of milling machine is 7.5kW, grade 4, and the motor model on the power head at the end of milling machine is 5.5kW, grade 6. The factory configuration speed is 630 rpm, and the factory configuration is Φ 200mm cutter head.


2. Bed table parts

The bed table is made of high-quality cast iron, and the bed guide rail is in the form of "one mountain, one flat". The stress and guidance of the guide rail in this form are relatively good, and the guide rail surface of the bed is grinded. The guide rail surface of the worktable is pasted with plastic, which has good wear resistance and repairability.

The workbench is driven by servo motor and ball screw, and the stroke and speed are controlled by PLC.


3. Fixture part

The clamp is mounted on the side seat of the table, and is clamped up and down and left and right by two hydraulic cylinders. The clamping pressure is generally 3Mpa.


The clamping principle is as follows: 1. The left and right clamping cylinders clamp the guide rail with relative low pressure, and then centralize the guide rail; 2. The upper and lower clamping cylinders press the guide rail with high pressure; 3. The left and right cylinders pressurize, so that the left and right cylinders clamp the guide rail with high pressure. Clamping the guide rail in these steps can make the guide rail fit the datum plane to the greatest extent, so as to eliminate the clamping error.


4. Chip removal part

The chip removing part is installed between the bed and the fixture, and the screw chip removing machine is used to discharge the iron chips from the chip removing port at the end of the bed to the chip holding car, which avoids the previous work of cleaning the iron chips.


5. Lubrication system

The lubrication of the guide rail of the machine tool bed is realized by the automatic lubrication pump installed at one end, which is automatically lubricated when the machine is started. Ball screw is lubricated by immersion oil, which is reliable. The lubrication of the power head gear is lubricated by the lubricating oil stored in the power head gear box, and the lubricating oil needs to be changed regularly.


6. Electrical Control: PLC

This machine tool is controlled by PLC, and PLC is made by Mitsubishi brand of Japan. Guangzhou CNC products are selected for servo motor and driver, and Schneider brand products are selected for other main low-voltage components.


CNC Milling Machine Machining Accuracy for Elevator Guide Rails: all the errors after milling ≤0.05mm


Working Conditions of Milling Machine


Power supply: three phase AC 380V ± 5% 50Hz

Ambient temperature: 5 ° C ~ 40 ° C

Relative humidity: ≤ 80% (in accordance with national standards)


No. Name Quantity (set)
1 Machine base and its transmission parts 1
2 Power head parts 2
3 Fixture components 1
4 Chip removal system components 1
5 Hydraulic station 1
6 Complete protective cover part 1
7 Electrical System 1
8 Attachments to the machine 1
9 Machine mattress iron, anchor bolt 1
10 Instruction manual, operation manual 1


No. Name Manufacturer
1 Touch screen Weinview brand
2 CNC system and servo motor Guangzhou CNC
3 PLC Japanese Mitsubishi
4 Ball screw  
5 Main low voltage electrical components Schneider
6 Hydraulic station factory Ningbo Chuangli

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