Jiangsu Co-effort Mechanical&Electrical Technology Co., Ltd

Jiangsu Co-effort Mechanical&Electrical Technology Co., Ltd
Business Type: Manufacturer
Main Market: Western Europe
Eastern Europe
Eastern Asia
Southeast Asia
Middle East
No. of Employees: 20~100
Annual Sales: 800000-1500000
Year Established: 2017
Export p.c: 50% - 60%
About Us

Jiangsu Co-effort Mechanical & Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2017, we mainly committed to the development and production of cold roll forming machines. Since we established, we always been based on the concept of "quality-oriented-technological innovation". From the perspective of globalization, standing at the top of the industry, seized development opportunities and market space, made every effort to build a well-known brand in the cold roll forming industry of technological innovation.


Our company can provide advanced cold roll forming machine with multi-material, multi-thickness and multi-shape, and can provide flexible system solutions for other production processes such as welding, punching and automatic packaging in cold roll forming process.


We have profiler and roughness testing machine, special testing equipment for forming machine, hardness tester and other testing equipment. At present, we have provided high-demand services with automobile, construction, furniture, warehousing and other industries as well as domestic and foreign enterprises.





Co-effort machinery is established by an experienced technical engineer and a sales. At the beginning, I only engaged in R & D in an office. Through years of work in cold roll forming industry, the first v-clamp forming machine in China has been developed.


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We moved from a small office to a 1000 square meter factory, and recruited many production and technical engineers. The efficiency and quality of our V-band clamp roll forming machines have been greatly improved after being used by customers, so we applied for the patents.

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We applied for 15 patents. Through technological innovation, we have obtained the qualification of national high-tech enterprise cultivation and the certificate of private enterprise.

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We are applying for "high-tech enterprises", and we have added many engineers of cold bending and automatic conveyor lines to develop higher-end equipment.



• Design and manufacture of high precision cold roll forming moulds (including punching moulds)


• Design and manufacture of heavy shelves, Column, Cross Beam and Guide rails prodution line


• Design and manufacture automobile door frame, clamp and decorative strip production line


• Design and manufacture drawer slider production line


• Design and manufacture linear (arc) three-dimensional servo tracking cutter


Our Team

Foreign Trade Team

Our sales team has 5 people, each with more than 6 years experience in foreign trade. They know the cold roll forming industry very well and can can carry on the professional for the client's requirements analysis and judgment, to provide advice, do the best in every business.


QC Team

We have 2 QC engineers to ensure machines quality to meet customers standards.


R & D Team

Our company has 3 engineers who have more than 10 years of professional roller design, mechanical design, electrical and roller design experience. Also, we have 2 engineers who have more than ten years experience in roll forming debugging.

They specialize in providing manufacturing enterprises with solutions to various production line equipment, tooling, mold solutions, and fully assist customers to solve the difficult problems in the development process, to ensure the successful completion of project development.


After-sales Team

Transportation,installation, debugging,maintenance and related service are belong to our work. We are committed to providing clients with better service.


Production Team

We are in charge of production and manufacturing, keep improving every working procedure and try to present a better product to our clients. It’s our principle to work conscientiously and responsibly.



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