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Straight Seam ERW Pipe Mill Line Carbon Steel Tube Welded Machine

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Yuhua
Certification: CO,CE,FORM A, FORM E
Model Number: HF-60
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: USD 180000/SET
Packaging Details: Plastic Film and Wooden Case
Delivery Time: 120 days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 5 set/month
Detail Information
Machine Name: High Frequency Pipe Welding Machine Material: Carbon Steel, Galvanized, Stainless Steel
Tube Pipe Shape: Round, Square, Rectangle Pipe Diameter: 20~76mm (For Round)
Pipe Thickness: 1~3mm (For Round) Production Speed: 30~80 M/min
High Frequency Power: 200KW Cutting Length: 6~8M
Cutting Accuracy: +-2mm Diameter Of Shaft: 60mm
Material Of Shaft: 42CrMov
High Light:

round pipe welding machine


tube welding machine

Product Description

Automatic High Precision Straight Seam ERW Pipe Mill Line Carbon Steel Tube Welded Machine


Noted of Pipe Welding Machine

Construction of building and inner arrangement except the machine members mentioned above.

All the foundation for the machines and the conduits for the course of the various feedings of line.

All the foundation for the machines and the conduits for the course of the machines, including air compressor, water pump, channels and vent stacks for the exhaust of the gaseous products, solder wire, impeder, CO2gas etc.

Switchboard and its correcting cables and wires.

All the connecting cables and wines except those in the machines.

Lifting system (bridge crane and devices for internal transportation of steel coils and pipe products).


General technical specification


1. Raw material requirements
Material: Hot rolling or cold rolling steel
Tensile strength: σb≤600Mpa
Yield point: σs≤315MPa
Coil width: 60~240mm
Coil outer diameter: Max. Φ1600mm
Coil inner diameter: Φ508mm
Coil weight: Max.2.0T
Material thickness: 1.0~2.5mm for Round pipes / ≤2.0mm for Square & rectangle pipes


2. Output product scope
Pipe type: Straight seam high frequency welded pipes
Pipe purpose: Electric heating tube, fridge pipe, Auto car pipe, sporting facility tube, furniture pipe, cooler pipe, pressure feeding pipe, construction pipe, configuration pipe.
Round pipe size: Φ20mm~Φ76mm * 1.0mm~2.5mm
Square pipe size: 15×15mm~60×60mm * 1.0mm~2.0mm
Rectangle pipe size: 30×20mm~80×40mm * 1.0mm~2.0mm (a:b≤2:1)
Producing length: 4~10m (can be designed by customer request)
Cutting length precision: ±3mm (by hot flying computer saw)


3. Line capability
Line direction: Pending and will be decided by Buyer
Producing speed: 30~80m/min


4. Scope of supply

4.1. Technology process
Uncoiling→ Accumulating→ Leveling→ Forming→ HF welding→ Deburring (outer) → Cooling→ Sizing→ Straightening→ Cutting→ Discharging

4.2. Parts of Line
Double heads Decoiler--------------------------------1 set
Shear & butt welding device-------------------------1 set
Horizontal accumulator--------------------------------1 set
Forming & Sizing unit----------------------------------1 set
Hot flying computer saw----------------------------------------1 set
Run out table (single side discharging)-----------1 set
Control system------------------------------------------1 set
Roller------------------------------------------------------Optional / prepared by Buyer
Pneumatic system--------------------------------------Prepared by Buyer
Main Technical Performance

Raw material Carbon steel coil, galvanized steel coil, other hot or cold rolled steel coil.
Pipe size Width of raw material 50 - 200mm
Round pipe outside diameter Φ12.7 - Φ50.8mm
Round pipe thickness 0.6 - 2.5mm
Square and rectangular pipe size 2cm*2cm 4cm*4cm
Square and rectangular pipe thickness 0.5 - 2.0mm
High frequency induction welder power 200Kw
Production speed 30~120m/min

Process of High Frequency Pipe Welding Machine
{Steel strips} →→Auto Double-head un-coiler →→Strip-head Shearer & Auto TIG butt welder station →→Horizontal spiral accumulator group →→Forming M/C (Main driving unit + Flattening Entry unit + Breakdown section + Fin pass section + Sea m guide unit + High frequency induction welding system + Squeeze welding roller unit + Outside scarfing unit + Horizontal ironing stand) →→ Emulsion water Cooling section →→ Sizing M/C (Main driving unit + Sizing section + Speed testing unit + Turk straightener + Vertical pull-out stand) →→ NC flying saw under computer control →→ Run-out table


Main structure


1. Double heads Decoiler (Manual type)

Configuration: Two drums expanding by hand

Coil inner dia.: Φ508mm

Coil outer dia.: ≤Φ1600mm

Material width: 60~240mm

Coil weight: ≤2.0T

Braking type: Two phase braking by pneumatic

Drums exchanging: 180° turning by hand


2. Automatic shearing & butt welding (Pneumatic shear)

2.1. Shearing method:

Type: Pneumatic shearing

Pneumatic system: 0.4~0.7Mpa

Adjustable range: Φ120

Cutter blade: 1 pair

Material of blade: Cr12 (HRC58~62)Strip width: 60~200mm

thickness: 0.8~3.0mm

2.2. Automatic Argon Arc welding

Type: PLC control, Frequency controlled TIG automatic welding

Welder: TIG

Welder current: 22~315A

Protection gas: Argon whose purity over 99.99%

Welding gun: 1 set

Clamping: Pneumatic

Welding time: 75~350mm/min

2.3. Outer size: 1100 x 1100 x 1650mm


3. Horizontal accumulator

Accumulator: introduce peripherally and feeding from center

Out diameter: 4.5m

Width of metal strip: 60~240mm

Thinness of metal strip: 1.0~2.5mm

Feeding speed: ≥150m/min

Configuration: Turning frame, Pinch machine (11kw AC motor), Main body (15kw AC motor)

Feeding control: Feeding is manual control which same as Uncoiler; Discharge is non-power style.


4. Forming & Sizing unit

Forming & Sizing

Parts of Forming & Sizing:

Driving system-------------------------------------1 set

Second grade transmission---------------------13sets

Feeding & Leveling device----------------------1 set

Horizontal roll frame------------------------------13sets

Vertical roll frame----------------------------------13sets


Driving system

Forming & Sizing driving system: 1 sets

Motor type: Z4-200-31 132Kw/1500rpm

Reducer type: ZLY hard gear reducer

Motor driving system: Control by DC digital converter


Second grade transmission

Transmission type: Gear box and gimbaled joint

Gearbox configuration: Spiral bevel gear & cylindrical helical gear

Lubricating: Gear oil soaking

Oil level display: Inspection glass on box

  Quantity Spiral bevel gear Gear box
Forming unit 7 20CrMnTi HT200
Sizing unit 6 20CrMnTi HT200


Horizontal roll frame & Vertical roll frame

Forming height: Φ140mm

Adjusting of Horizontal roller: Manual (or manual sync adjustment)

Adjusting of Vertical roller: Manual sync screw adjusting

Name Section Quantity Shaft dia. Material Treatment
Horizontal roll frame Forming unit 7 Φ60mm 42CrMo HF quenching
Sizing unit 6 Φ60mm 42CrMo HF quenching


Name Section Quantity Shaft dia. Material Treatment
Vertical roll frame Forming unit 7 Φ40mm 40Cr HF quenching
Sizing unit 6 Φ40mm 40Cr HF quenching



Parts of Welding:

Guiding frame------------------------------------------1 set

Welding pinch frame----------------------------------1 set

HF welder------------------------1 set (or prepared by Buyer)

Deburring cutter (Pneumatic) ----------------------1 set


Welding pinch frame

Type: 3 rollers pinch

Shaft diameter: Φ40mm

Material of shaft: 40Cr (HF quenching)

Adjusting: Manual screw adjusting


Deburring cutter

Type: Two cutters setting

Feed/retract: Pneumatic adjusting

Cutter adjustment: Manual screw adjusting


High frequency welder:

Type: High frequency influence welding

Size: GGP-200-0.4-HC

Power: 200Kw



Cooling way: Spray and soaking

Length of cooling: 3500mm


Speed supervising device

Type: Two roller type with pneumatic clamping

Quantity: 1 set

Outer dia. of roller: Φ111.4mm


Foundation and advised Buyer’s necessary
Site area of machine (length X Width): 55m × 7m
Site area of cabinets (length X Width): 6m × 3m
Machine foundation base: See foundation drawing CAD
Overhead crane: 2 sets of ≥5 Ton overhead crane
Magnetic bar (impeder core): prepared by Buyer
Saw blade: Prepared by Buyer
Lubricating oil grease, cooling emulsion and etc will be prepared by Buyer
One set of Emulsion water cooling pool (Volume 30 m­3*1pools)for pipe-welding mill and plate exchanger of HF-welder, with two sets of pumps(AC4Kw,lift≥30m­ & flux≥30m­3/hour),water pressure meter,valves,and water pipes will be prepared by Buyer. Or use one set of glass fiber cooling tower for Emulsion water cooling pool and plate exchanger of HF-welder.
Adopting ground or attic frame and room of high-frequency welder for machine unit, stack basket for welded pipe, made by buyer.
The cables which from power station to pipe mill line, and cables & wires between machines and cabinets, all of them will be prepared by Buyer.
One set of ≥1m­3 /min air compressor and one set ≥0.50m­3 air tank, 0.7~1.0Mpa. Whole of the pneumatic supply system will be prepared by Buyer.
Lifts,tools,anchor bolts,expand bolts,embedded and fixing materials for installing machine will be prepared by Buyer.
Power supply:
High frequency welder power: GP-200Kw
Power of supply: 3P/4W/380V/50Hz
Total power of Line: 450Kw
Detailed Photos of Pipe Welding Machine
Straight Seam ERW Pipe Mill Line Carbon Steel Tube Welded Machine 0

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