NC Metal Sheet Coil Feeding Leveling Straightening Machine

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Co-effort
Certification: CO,CE,FORM A, FORM E
Model Number: NCF100
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: USD 4500/set
Packaging Details: Plastic Film and Wooden Case
Delivery Time: 15 days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 50 sets/month
Detail Information
Machine Name: Feeding Leveling Straightening Machine Width Of Coil: 200~1300mm
Thickness Of Coil: Max. 3.0mm Offset: 100~650mm
Motor: Servo Motor Release Equipment: Pneumatic
High Light:

sheet metal straightener


roller straightening machine

Product Description

                    Automatic Precision NC Metal Sheet Coil Feeding Leveling Straightening Machine 
Characteristics of Coil Feeder Leveler Straightening Machine
1. For high-speed stamping, it can improve the quality and quantity of punch products. It is impossible to produce good stamping parts by leveling the end of coil. Only by leveling the coil can the stress be eliminated. After leveling by leveller, the material can be modified to bend downward or upward or flat. Transmission device with frequency converter (cycle control) can be synchronized with the punch speed, balanced feeding.
2. It is suitable for the flat surface leveling of all kinds of metal and non-metal material rolls, and for the continuous production of stamping parts in various hardware and electronic parts factories.
3. It can be used alone, and can be used together with automatic material rack and double-end material rack. The leveling effect is good.
Scope of application of Coil Feeder Leveler Straightening Machine
1. Products are widely used in metal, stamping, electronics, electrical appliances, science and technology, auto parts, metal, packaging, industry, precision, aviation, cabinet, automobile, science and technology, machinery, electrical, mechanical and electrical industries stamping, shears and other industries.
2. It is suitable for stamping and shearing various metal parts of steel strip such as low carbon steel sheet, galvanized sheet, aluminium sheet, copper sheet, cold rolled sheet, hot rolled sheet, stainless steel, iron sheet, etc.
Model Selection and Technical Parameters

Model NCF1-200 NCF1-300 NCF1-400 NCF1-600 NCF1-800 NCF1-1000 NCF1-1300
Material Width(mm) 200 300 400 600 800 1000 1300
Feeding form     Standard feed / offset feed    
Offset left and right 100 left and right 150 left and right 200 left and right 300 left and right 400 left and right 500 left and right 650
Material Thickness 0-3.0 0-3.0 0-3.0 0-3.0 0-2.5 0-2..0 0-2.0
Relaxation mode     Pneumatic    

Servo Feeder
1. Pneumatic release for highly accuracy
2. No requirement for lubrication
3. Rich performance serve drives without brush
4. Quickly and easily adjustable thinkness of stock
NC Servo Feeder Features

1. This machine is suitable for material thickness of four different feeding process of varying lengths.
2. Suitable for high-speed and long-sized feeding, increase production capacity and feeding accuracy.
3. Humanized manual mode, simple operation panel with feed length and feed speed digital key code, the operator can be arbitrarily set, rapid and accurate, feeding length from 0.1mm-9999.99mm.
4. The use of mechanical or pneumatic relax relax (relax point accurate), long-term use, less failure, long life, the best automatic choice.


Detailed of Coil Leveler Straightening Machine
Leveler Head

1. The head is designed with 7 parallel rollers (up 4 down 3).
2. Four point adjustment is more suitable for processing high-precision products. Input and output materials adopt four point independent pressure to adjust the feed wheel pressure, which can effectively prevent material deviation and deformation.
3. The supporting rollers are all non powered galvanized rollers, with comprehensive materials, wear-resistant surface, mechanical bearings, more flexible rotation and durable use.
4. It is the most traditional handwheel with cast iron handwheel and electroplated surface.
5. There is a protective cover with windows on both sides of the transmission part for easy observation.

Leveling Wheel

1. The leveling wheel is made of solid bearing steel, medium frequency
2. GCr15 is used to forge round steel, after preheating (spheroidizing annealing),
Then grinding, milling, 1 medium frequency treatment, rough grinding, Cold stable, then fine grinding, finally electroplating.
Maximum guarantee 1 accuracy, concentricity, finish and hardness, the service life of the straightening roller is prolonged.

Driving Gear

Gear processing technology includes: gear rough processing - gear surface processing - gear surface heat treatment - gear surface fine grinding. The raw material parts are mainly made of forgings and improved after normalizing. Machining type, free cutting, according to the gear design drawing, rough machining first, then semi finish machining
During processing, turning, rolling and tooth inlaying make the gear basically formed; the performance meets the requirements of drawing design, and the final finishing, finishing benchmark and finishing tooth profile. After the above treatment, the gear grade of our company can reach grade 6, with high wear resistance, high strength and long service life.

Power Section

1. The vertical gearbox with 80 type worm and worm is used to convert the speed converter of the gear into the required swing number (motor), so that the swing number (motor) can be reduced to the required swing number, so as to obtain the mechanism with larger torque.
2. The vertical motor is adopted, with small vibration and low noise. The fixed rotor part adopts pure copper coil, with a service life of 1 times that of ordinary coil. Both ends are equipped with ball bearings, with small friction and low temperature.

Electrical Control 

1. It adopts silver alloy relay, all copper coil, flame-retardant safety base, durable.
2. Safety protection circuit delay relay, silver alloy contact, multi piece and dial are adopted to meet different delay range
3. The switch has sliding contact and self-cleaning function. The normally open contact and normally closed contact adopt point open edge structure, which can work on the edge. It is equipped with anti rotation positioning and anti loose mounting gasket.
4. It adopts self compound plane button, light force, moderate key stroke, building block combination structure, and the contact adopts ketone base composite point, which has high conductivity and high load current, with a life of 1 million times.

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