Metal Sheet Coils Uncoiling Power Press Feeding Decoiler Machine

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Co-effort
Certification: CO,CE,FORM A, FORM E
Model Number: LF400
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: USD 5000/set
Packaging Details: Plastic Film and Wooden Case
Delivery Time: 15 days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 50 sets/month
Detail Information
Name: Sheet Metal Decoiler Type: Single-head Heavy Material Decoiler
Coil Thickness: 0.2~2.5mm Leveling Speed: 16m/min
O.D. Of Coil: 1250mm Width Of Coil: Max.800mm
I.D Of Coil: 450mm Pressing Arm: Optional
High Light:

hydraulic decoiler machine


uncoiler machine

Product Description


Automatic Decoiler Machine for Metal Sheet Coils Uncoiling for Power Press feeding



Machine Main Feature


1. The control box is equipped with Schneider low-voltage electronic components and Siemens Servo motor, with few faults and long service life

2. It is suitable for wide material thickness range of 0.5-3.0. Save time and reduce production cost.

3. Adopt hydraulic expansion device, automatic control feed, safety, save people.

4. Manual wheel is used for straightening adjustment, which has precious adjustment performance.

5. Simplified maintenance and management, and enhanced the operation safety of operators

6. All rolls are made of solid bearing steel, which are hardened, hard chrome plated, high hardness, strong wear resistance and long service life

7. The machine with the thick board binding machine is in good operation

8. We can design and manufacture products of special specifications according to your requirements.


Machine main specification


Model LF-200B LF-300B LF-400B LF-500B LF-600B
Material Width(mm) 200 300 400 500 600
Material Thickness(mm) 0.4-3.5 0.4-3.5 0.4-3.5 0.4-3.5 0.4-3.5
Speed reducer 1/30 1/30 1/30 1/30 1/30
Motor(HP) 2 2 2 3 3
Feeding roller Φ70*2 Φ 98*2 Φ70*2 Φ 98*2 Φ70*2 Φ 98*2 Φ70*2 Φ 98*2 Φ70*2 Φ 98*2
Leveling roller Φ55*7 Φ55*7 Φ55*7 Φ55*7 Φ55*7
Coil inner diameter(mm) 450-530 450-530 450-530 450-530 450-530
Coil outer diameter(mm) 1200 1200 1200 1200 1200
Material weight(kg) 500 1000 2000 2000 2000



Feeding and straightening rolls with a hard chrome-faced


Feeding and discharging device


Material rack with air pressure disc brake device


Roll head flattening device


Technical Parameter of All Kinds of Metal Sheet Material Decoiler


1. 2in1 Decoiler and Leveling Machine 


Model HBL-400 HBL-500 HBL-600 HBL-700 HBL-800
Material Width 400 500 600 700 800
Thickness of material   (0.3~3.2/0.5~4.5)  
Max Coil Weight(KG) 2000   3000(5000) 5000(8000)  
Coil I.D.(mm)   Ø508  
Coil O.D.(mm) 1200   1200(1500)  
Speed of (Feed) Straightening(m/min)   16  
Drive Roll   Feed:2  
Work Roll   Upper 5/down 4  
Correction Capability 400*2.3 500*1 .6 600*2.0 700*1.6 800*1.2  
Uncoil Expansion Method   Manual/Hydraulic  
Uncoil Motor(HP) 1.5 2.2   3.0  
Straightener Motor 2 3   5  


2. NC Servo Motor Heavy Material Decoiler



Material Width


Thickness Standard


Height of

mould line

Feed Speed


Servo Moter


NC-200 200mm 0.3-4.5mm 70-150mm 20m/min AC1.8KW
NC-300 300mm 0.3-4.5mm 70-150mm 20m/min AC1.8KW
NC-400 400mm 0.3-4.5mm 70-170mm 20m/min AC2.9KW
NC-500 500mm 0.3-4.5mm 70-170mm 20m/min AC4.4KW
NC-600 600mm 0.3-4.5mm 70-170mm 20m/min AC4.4KW
NC-700 700mm 0.3-4.5mm 90-190mm 20m/min AC5.5KW
NC-800 800mm 0.3-4.5mm 90-190mm 20m/min AC5.5KW

3. Normal Single-head Material Decoiler


Model LF-150 LF-200 LF-300 LF-400 LF-500 LF-600
LF-150A LF-200A LF-300A LF-400A LF-500A LF-600A
Width of Material (mm) 150 200 300 400 500 600
Thickness of Material (mm) 0.35-2.2
Coil I.D.(mm) 450-530
Coil O.D.(mm) 1200
Material Weight (Kg) 500 1000 2000 3000
500 1000 2000 3000
Max. Speed (m/min) 15
Motor (HP) 1 2 3
1 2 3 5
Coil Expansion Manual

Product Application


(1) Automatic operation
The rotation of decoiler uncoiler is controlled by automatic loop arm. The loop arm controls variable speed operation, providing smooth stop and start. Variable speed reduced uncoiler.
(2) Safety
Decoiler uncoiler rotation drive system and mandrel expansion power are fully protected. The pendant control allows automatic rotation to be disabled during coil loading.
(3) Electrical requirements
According to customer country requirements
(4) Architecture
The structure consists of steel plates and heavy structural sections. The seam is sealed and welded. Include structural supports as necessary. The expansion and contraction of the mandrel are realized by a connecting rod system including bronze bearings.
(5) Decoiler finish
After manufacturing, uncoiler frame shall be machine cleaned and powder coated before mechanical and electrical assembly.
(6) Coil car options
Can include reels with weights matching the specified uncoiler. The coil car consists of a "V" shaped surface with a central coil in motion. The coiler car includes sufficient vertical travel to contact the lower surface of the mandrel when fully extended. The power take-up car moves along the rail installed in the base of the uncoiler. The hydraulic check valve prevents the coil from falling vertically in case of hydraulic loss.
(7) Installation
Uncoilers and reels can be installed by drilling holes in typical industrial concrete foundations and concrete expansion bolts.



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