High Efficiency Elevator Guide Rails Fast Speed CNC Drilling Machine

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Co-effort
Certification: CO,CE,FORM A, FORM E
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: USD 30000/set
Packaging Details: Plastic Film and Wooden Case
Delivery Time: 75 working days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 10 sets for 75 working days
Detail Information
Name: CNC Drilling Machine The Rotational Speed Of The Spindle Of The Drill Head: 0 ~ 1500r/min (adjustable)
Left And Right Moving Stroke: 300mm The Fastest Moving Speed In The Three Direction: 15m/min
Rated Power Of The Spindle Motor Of The Drill Head: 7.5KW Design Height: 860mm
Machine Weight: 5T
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cnc drilling machine


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Product Description

Fast Speed Automatic CNC Drilling Machine High Efficiency for Elevator Guide Rails


CNC Drilling Machine Main Structure and Technical Features


This machine tool is composed of drilling head spindle part, column part, cross carriage part, bed part, fixture part, cooling system, lubrication system, cooling system, operating system, electrical control and other main parts.


11.3.1 Main shaft parts of drill head: The variable-speed spindle motor drives the timing pulley, which in turn drives the spindle to rotate. The machine tool spindle adopts Taiwan imported thinking brand standard spindle, which has high rotation precision and low maintenance rate. Spindle speed can be adjusted freely, max. speed can up to 1500r/min.


11.3.2 column components

The upper guide rail of column components adopts Taiwan Shangyin brand linear guide rail, which has high wear resistance and high precision. The column is equipped with a hydraulic cylinder to balance the drilling head components, and the accumulator balance principle is used for balance.


11.3.3 cross carriage parts

The carriage parts made of high-quality casting materials realize the front and back and left and right movement of the column. The form of the guide rail on the carriage is the straight guide rail of Taiwan Shangyin brand, which ensures the position accuracy of the movement. The carriage movement is driven by servo motor and ball screw. The rated power and torque of servo motor are 2.3KW and 15N / m respectively.


11.3.4 bed parts

Fixture parts, column parts, etc. are installed on the same bed base, which increases the overall rigidity. The bed parts are equipped with chip removal cooling system. Necessary protective covers are designed on the bed to protect the operation safety and make the machine more beautiful.


11.3.5Fixture part

The fixture is installed on the bed. The fixture is clamped up and down, left and right by two hydraulic cylinders. The clamping pressure is generally 3Mpa. The clamping principle is as follows: (1) the left and right clamping cylinders clamp the guide rail with relative low pressure first, and then centralize the guide rail; (2) the upper and lower clamping cylinders press the guide rail with high pressure; (3) the left and right cylinders pressurize, so that the left and right cylinders clamp the guide rail with high pressure. Clamping the guide rail in these steps can make the guide rail fit the datum plane to the greatest extent, so as to eliminate the clamping error.


11.3.6Lubrication system

Each guide rail of the machine tool is equipped with an automatic lubrication system, so as to improve the service life of the guide rail and maintain the working accuracy of the machine tool for a long time. When there is a problem in the lubrication of the machine tool, the machine tool will automatically alarm. The fixture is lubricated by the manual lubrication pump under the operation box.


11.3.7 Cooling system

In order to prevent the guide rail from deforming due to overheating and reduce the tool wear, the machine tool is equipped with a cooling system. The cooling water solution containing 5-10% emulsified oil is driven by a three-phase electric pump in the water tank, and then the guide rail in the process is continuously cooled by the cooling pipe. The flow can be adjusted by the valve on the metal hose, and the cooling water flowing down the machine bed And then flow back to the water tank to form a recycling use.


11.3.8 hydraulic system

The machine is equipped with hydraulic station and manufactured by domestic famous manufacturers. The hydraulic pipes inside the machine tool are all hard pipes, and the external part of the machine tool is connected to the hydraulic station with hoses.


11.3.9 operating system

The machine tool is equipped with an independent operation button station, which is distributed beside the station. The button station is equipped with various operation buttons and emergency stop buttons that can control the machine tool, as well as the operation key board and display screen of the CNC system. CNC system is a Guangzhou CNC brand, and the main low-voltage electrical components are German Schneider brand.


CNC Milling Machine Machining Accuracy


Rotating radial runout of spindle ≤0.02mm

X, Y, Z axis movement straightness ≤0.01mm

Repeated positioning accuracy of X, Y and Z axes ≤0.02mm

Verticality of the spindle and the bottom surface of the fixture ≤0.02mm

Parallelism between the spindle and the positioning surface of the fixture side ≤0.02mm


Main specifications and technical parameters


1 Specifications for adapting to the guide rail of the processing elevator T70 ~T140  
2 Left and right moving stroke 300 mm
3 Column moving forward and backward 300 mm
4 Drill head up and down movement stroke 350 mm
5 The fastest moving speed in the three direction 15 m/min
6 Rated power of the spindle motor of the drill head 7.5 Kw
8 The rotational speed of the spindle of the drill head 0 ~ 1500(adjustable) r/min
9 Maximum pressure of hydraulic station 5 Mpa
10 Design height 860 mm
11 Machine weight 5 T


No. Name Quantity (set)
1 Mechanical parts of the machine tool 1
2 Cooling water tank 1
3 Hydraulic station 1
4 Full set of protective cover part 1
5 Electrical system 1
6 Attachments to the machine(Drill chuck) 1
7 Machine mattress iron, anchor bolt 1
8 Instruction manual, operation manual 1


No. Name Manufacturer
1 Machine tool spindle Taiwan thinking Ford
2 CNC system and servo motor Guangzhou CNC
3 PLC Japanese Mitsubishi
4 Linear rolling guide Taiwan HIWIN
5 Main low voltage electrical components Schneider
6 Hydraulic station factory Ningbo Chuangli

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