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Carbon Steel Round Tube Pipe Making Rolling Mill Production Line

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Yuhua
Certification: CO,CE,FORM A, FORM E
Model Number: HF-89
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: USD 200000/SET
Packaging Details: Plastic Film and Wooden Case
Delivery Time: 120 days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 10 sets/month
Detail Information
Machine Name: Pipe Making Machine Thickness Of Pipes: δ1.0~4.0mm
Pipe Dia. Range: Φ12.7~Φ96mm Cut-to-length: 4~12M
Length Tolerance: 2mm Shaft Diameter: 89mm
Driven Way: Gearbox Material Of Shaft: 42CrMov
Material Of Roller: Cr12Mov Accuracy: High Precision
Warranty: 2 Years Pipe Shapes: Round Square Rectangle
High Light:

pipe manufacturing machine


steel tube making machine

Product Description

High Precision Stainless Steel Carbon Steel Round Tube Pipe Making Rolling Mill Production Line




Customer will in charge of all cables and wires,cable bridge and erect projects for ERW mill line



AC inverter driver


Strip-head Shearer & Auto TIG butt welder station

AC inverter driver,PLC control


Horizontal accumulate group

AC inverter control system

AC drive and control for main mill

SIEMENS G120 AC inverter drive


NC Cold Flying saw control system

Servo control system: “YASKAWA”,DDS AC servo control and CT-03motion controller

Servo motor for travel: “YASKAWA” AC servo motor,SV- 15Kw

AC cutting motor control system: “YASKAWA” AC inverter

Motor for cutting: “SIEMENS” AC motor,AC- 11Kw

Servo motor for push : “YASKAWA” AC servo motor,SV-2.9Kw

“HITECH” 10 inch LCD operation panel (length and batch setting)

“ELCO” Encoder, 1pcs

“AUTONCIS” or ”ELCO” approach switch,4pcs



Roll conveyor speed adjust: By AC3.7Kw inverter

Brush type approach switch: 1pcs

Others: “Schneider”



Pneumatic components: Taiwan “AirTAC”

Factory had plenty of supply compressed air to the mill line by themselves. The installation work and materials(pipelines,joints,valves,tools,etc.)are all responsible by the customer between of compressed air supply point to the ERW mill line



Forming and sizing Rollers material

Material: Cr12MoV(JIS-SKD11, ASTM-D2)

Hardness: Carbonitriding,60 HRC +/-2

Welding rollers material

Material: Creamic.

All rolls are marked with serial code & pipe size

Each roller will afford stencil-plat

Each size fin-pass roller and seam guider diskes have one set of (4pcs)spare parts in free charge

Each size welding push roller have 2pcs spare parts in free charge.

Include roller’s spacers, and these spacers are for free charge

Include same size bronze clamps for flying saw



Bearing for Horizontal stands: “NTN” or “NSK” or “SKF” or “FAG”

Bearing for secondary gear box: “NTN” or “NSK” or “SKF” or “FAG”

Others: Chinese “LYC” or “ZWZ” or “QC” or “TMB”


Necessary facilities proposed to the buyer (for reference only)

(1) Mechanical equipment site: 50m × 6m (length × width)
(2) Electrical equipment site: 6m × 3M (length × width)
(3) Unit foundation, foundation concrete works, water supply and drainage ditch and return channel (see the supplier's inspection foundation drawing, which shall be provided within 3 weeks after the contract takes effect);
(4) 2 sets of bridge cranes, elevators, handling equipment and tools with the capacity of ≥ 5 tons.
(5) Lift, tools, anchor bolts, expansion bolts and embedded fixing materials required for the installation of the machine.
(6) Power supply:
a. Solid state high frequency welding machine: ggp-200kw
b. Power supply: main AC 380V ± 10% * 50Hz ± 5% * 3-phase * 4-wire
Control AC 220 V ± 10% x 50 Hz ± 5% x 1 hour
Solenoid valve DC 24 V
c. Equipment and motor table: (11 + 15) kW + (75 * 2) kW + (11 + 11 + 1.8) kW + 3kw ≥ 205kW
(7) Unit circuit. Before assembly, the circuit must reach the electrical cabinet in the high frequency room. Electrical connection from the high frequency room to the main control console and button station (all cables and wires will be determined in size and quantity during field installation and purchased by the buyer from the market).
(8) Two sets of emulsion water tanks with volume ≥ 20m3 * 2, one set of glass fiber cooling tower with volume ≥ 30t / h to form a welding sizing machine, equipped with two water pumps (AC power ≥ 4.0kw, flow ≥ 20m3 / h, lift ≥ 30m), water pipes, joints, water pressure gauges, valves and tools (all parts of the cooling water system will be determined in size and quantity during field installation, which will be purchased by the buyer from the market).
(9) High frequency welding machine system plate heat exchanger cleaning cooling water pool 1 set, volume ≥ 20m3 * 1 set, pump 1 set (AC ≥ 4.0kw, flow ≥ 25m3 / h, lift ≥ 30m), water pipe, joint, water pressure gauge, valve and tool (the size and quantity of each part of the cooling water system when installed on site, purchased from the buyer's market).
(10) The unit adopts ground or attic frame and high frequency welding machine room, and the welding pipe collection box is made by the buyer according to the arrangement of the customer.
(11) A set of air compressor with flow ≥ 1m-3 / min and a set of air storage tank with flow ≥ 0.5m-3. Compressed air with pressure of 0.5 ~ 0.8MPa is sent to ERW grinding line. The installation work and materials (pipes, joints, valves, tools, etc.) are all in the charge of the customer.
(12) The magnetic rod (impedance core), protective sleeve, copper tube, polytetrafluoroethylene tube, etc. used for induction coil are all consumables, which can be purchased by the user according to the pipe welding size.
(13) The flying saw blade is a consumable in production, which is purchased by the buyer from the market.
(14) Lubricating oil and grease for moving parts, emulsified oil for forming, welding and sizing area, purchased by the buyer from the market.


Introduction of Pipe Making Machine


HF63AL high frequency straight seam welded pipe set is a special equipment for producing high frequency straight seam welded aluminum or aluminum alloy pipes for automobile condenser pipes or structural pipes or industrial pipes. Its diameter is 12.7-Φ 63.5mm, and its wall thickness is δ 1.0-3.0mm. High precision and high speed production line can be achieved by optimizing design, material selection, precision machining and rolling. The production speed of the pipeline can be adjusted within the range of appropriate pipe diameter and wall thickness.

The strip with precise size, which is pre cut by high quality aluminum or aluminum alloy coils on the slitter, is fed into the pipe rolling mill, and gradually forms a circular section with an opening joint along its length in the pipe rolling mill.

The high frequency induction welding technology is used to heat the weld edge and weld the longitudinal seam to form a continuous weld.

The steel belt is a circle formed by continuous seam welding. The welded pipe is further calibrated to the specified tolerance in the sizing machine by grinding and cooling the external weld bead.

After that, the endless welded pipe will be cut in the flow to the required and measured length.The finished pipe can be round, square or rectangular.


Summary of Pipe Making Machine


1. Pipe making machine has three types: Stainless Steel Pipe Making Machine, High Frequency Pipe Welding Machine and ERW Pipe Welding Machine.


2. One machine can produce round, square and rectangle pipes.


3. Our pipe making machine material use very thick steel, rollers are all use Cr12, shafts use 40CrMov. All material adopts heat treatment.


4. All electrical accessories are international brands we use.




{Aluminum strips}Double-head un-coiler →→Strip-head Shearer & Butt welder station →→Horizontal spiral accumulate group→→Forming M/C (Main driving unit +Flattening Entry unit + Breakdown zone + Fin pass zone + Seam guide unit + High frequency induction welding system + Squeeze welding roller unit + Outside scarfing unit + Horizontal ironing stand) →→Emulsion water Cooling section →→ Sizing M/C (Main driving unit +Sizing zone + Speed testing unit + Straightener + Vertical pull-out stand) →→ NC cold flying saw under computer control →→ Run out table 


Pipe Making Machine Technical Parameters


Double-heads Un-coiler

Type: Double-heads & Auto rotary type, mandrel expansion by pneumatic

With pneumatic brake


- Coil ID: Φ400mm or Φ508mm (As customer’s decision later)

- Coil OD: Max. Ø1600mm As customer’s decision later

- Coil width: Max. 200mm

- Coil weight: Max. 2.0tone/coil

by pneumaticl:

- Main rotation mandrels Dia.: Φ120mm

- Expansion stroke: Φ320 – Φ420mm or Φ420 - Φ520mm (?Chosen by customer later)

- Compressed Air Pressure: 5Bar ~ 8 Bar

- Pneumatic supply system: Customer Ready

Double mandrel’s position auto rotation by 0.55Kw AC inverter motor

Pneumatic shear:

- Type: Crocodile shear by air cylinder

- Compressed Air Pressure: 5Bar ~ 8 Bar

- Pneumatic supply system: Customer Ready

- No. of Blade: 1 couples

- Blade material: Cr12 (surface quench HRC58~62)

- Strip Width: Max.260mm

- Strip Thickness: 0.6 ~ 3.0mm

Auto TIG AL Butt welder by PLC control

- Type: AL welding,TIG welding gun auto-running by PLC-control

& inverter speed adjuster

- Welder: WSE-315 AC pluse AL welder

- Welding current: 10~315A

- Inlet protection gas: Argon gas more than 99.99%

- Welding torch: 1set

- Strip clamp: By air cylinder

- Welding speed: 75~350mm/min

- Welding time: 3~5min per cycle

Overall: 1100 x 750 x 1580 mm


Shearer & Auto AL Butt welding station(DJJ-260B)

Low bracket : 1 set

Revolver : 1 set

Flattening unit: 1 set

- No. of flatten rolls: 7pcs

- Flatten roll diameter: Ø 100mm

- Width of leveler rolls : 260mm

- Material of pinch rolls: 45#(Surface quench HRC45~48,chrome-faced)

Entry unit : 1 set

- Drive method: Motor → Triangular belt pulley → Angle gearbox → universal joints → Pinch rolls

- Pinch roll motor : AC 11Kw,By AC inverter speed regulating system

- Strip feeding speed: Max.280m/min

- Pneumatic brake: 1set

- Push & Release for the Pinch roll: By air cylinder

- No. of Pinch roll: 1 Couples 2Pcs 

- Pinch roll diameter: Ø 200mm

- Material of rolls: 45#(Surface quench HRC45~48,chrome-faced)


Accumulator : 1 set

 - Drive method: Motor → Universal joints → Carbide-faced cylindrical gear decelerator,With lubricant oil pump→ Open gear → basket

- Driver motor: AC 15Kw, By AC inverter speed regulating system

- Basket OD.: Ø4000mm

- Basket ID.: Ø1220mm

- Spiral drum OD.: Ø400mm

- Devices for prevent the narrow strip turn-over: 3sets,120º equispaced

- Material of rolls: 45#(Surface quench HRC45~48,chrome-faced)

- Run out speed: Max.220 m/min

- Storing capacity: Appr.350~800m

3.6 High bracket: 1 set


Forming section

Main Driver unit ① for forming mill

- Main AC motor①: 1set,“SIEMENS”AC 75Kw /1500rpm

- Main gear decelerators①: 1set,ZLY type-Carbide-faced cylindrical gear decelerator

- With 1set AC driver control box①

Forming section consists of :

- Forming section base: 1set

- Secondary gear box : 7sets,2pcs output axis type,

With spiral bevel gear & Helical-spur gear

- Material of spiral bevel gear: 20CrMnTi

- Material of helical-spur gear: 45#

- Material of gear box: 35#,welded Plate

- Universal joint for heavy load truck: 7sets (14pcs) 

- Washing and cleaning unit: 1set

- New type feeding entry & Flattening unit: 1set (with 2H+2V+7R+2H+2V =15pcs rollers)

- Stand Arrangement: BD1+BDS1 / BD2+BDS2 / BD3+BDS3 / BD4 / +SC1+SC2 / FP1+FPS1 / FP2+FPS2 / FP3+FPS3



No. Machine Model Qty.

AUTO Double-heads un-coiler

1.1,Mandrel expansion by air cylinder

1.2,With pneumatic disk brake;

1.3,Double mandrel’s position auto rotation by 0.55Kw AC inverter motor

1 unit


2.1,Alligator shear by air cylinder

2.2,TIG welding gun Auto-running by PLC-control & inverter speed adjuster

2.3,WSE-315 AC pluse AL welder

1 unit

Horizontal spiral accumulate group

3.1,Low bracket


3.3,Flattener & Entry unit,Feed- in motor AC11Kw, By AC inverter speed regulating system

3.4,Accumulator loop(Φ4.0m) Loop rotation motor“SIEMENS”AC 15Kw, By AC inverter speed regulating system

3.5,With 3sets 120º equispaced devices for prevent the narrow strip turn-over

3.6,High bracket

1 unit

Main machine of HF-63AL

- Bearing for Horizontal & side stands: “NTN” or “NSK” or “SKF” or “FAG”

- Bearing for secondary gear box: “NTN” or “NSK” or “SKF” or “FAG”

4.1,Tube Forming Mill (AC.75Kw*1SET)

A.Main “SIEMENS” AC motor① and ZLY Hard decelerator ①

B. Washing and cleaning unit

C. Feeding entry & flattening unit;

D. Break-down section;

E. Side idle cluster

F. Fin pass section.

1 unit

4.2,Welding zone

A. Three-dimension Seam guide stand

B. Squeeze roller stand (2-roller type)

C. Outside scrafing unit (2pcs kinves)

D. Horizontal seam ironing stand

1 unit
4.3,Emulsion water cooling section (2500mm) 1 unit

4.4,Tube Sizing Mill (AC.75Kw*1SET)

A. Main “SIEMENS” AC motor② and ZLY Hard decelerator②

B. Sizing section

C. Speed testing unit

D. Turk heads

E. Vertical pull-out stand

1 unit

Solid state HF induction welder system

(Special type for non-ferrous metals,XGGP-200Kw,With water plate exchanger)

1 unit

Main AC motor drive control system

6.1,“SIEMENS” AC Motor, AC75Kw*2sets

6.2,“SIEMENS” G120 AC contrller

2 units

NC Cold flying saw

7.1,Including CT-03 computer & YASKAWA Servo contrller & AC inverter


1 unit

Conveyor table with double side dumping by kicker

8.1,Roll Conveyor table length:10mter

8.2,Roll conveyor table running speed adjusted by AC inverter control system

8.3,Double side dumping worked by AC step motor rotation forks

8.4,Each side with 4pcs tilted checking platform

1 unit



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