C U Profile Channel Light Steel Keel Roll Forming Machine

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Co-effort
Certification: CO,CE,FORM A, FORM E
Model Number: GD160
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: USD 30000/set
Packaging Details: Plastic Film and Wooden Case
Delivery Time: 75 working days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 10 sets for 75 working days
Detail Information
Machine Name: Roll Forming Machine Usage: Villa Light Steel Keel
Width Of Coil: 100~450mm Thickness Of Coil: 0.75~1.2mm
Coil Diameter: φ430~590mm Control: CNC
Forming Speed: 30m/min Main Motor Power: 5.5KW
Hydraulic Motor Power: 7KW Machine Color: As Your Requirement
Roller Material: Cr12 Or Gr15 Shaft Material: 40Cr
Length Tolerance: ±1mm Shape Tolerance: ±1mm
High Light:

light gauge steel framing machines


stud and track roll forming machine

Product Description

High Speed Automatic C U Profile Channel Light Steel Keel Roll Forming Machine



The function of the discharge machine is to carry the steel strip coil, to rotate the steel coil, and to have a micro braking device to prevent the inertia of the brake when the emergency stop front running

Drive mode: electric drive

Loading weight: 3.0T

Inside diameter:430-590mm

Outside diameter: 1300mm


The formation of the host (forming, punching groove cutting, inkjet printing)

The sheet roll forming part for the strip with a certain order, gradually roll bending forming.

Structure: steel plate structure on both sides

Total machine weight: 3.5T.

The total length of the machine: (L) 5.4m x (wide) 1.1m x (high) 1.6m.

Molding pass: 14 component

Main drive: servo motor (5.5KW) + precision planetary gear reducer

Production speed: high speed 33 m / min (according to the number of punch and shear length)

Equipment: the main color blue, gray and black frame


Transmission and hydraulic system


Main function: molding power using servo drive, because the parking distance is short, the length of the advantages of high control precision


So the length of the board control precision

1. Servo power: Beijing super synchronous servo motor (5.5KW) + Japan new treasure precision planetary gear reducer

2. Hydraulic station: hydraulic power 7.5KW

Tank capacity 200 liters

3. Main parts: Germany Rexroth


The supporting frame (when online production, you can put the finished product)


1. Support length 4 m

2. The material support mode of sideslip with gas, one end of a support material storage station


Accessories and spare parts

Spare parts gifts: a set of easy punching die, a set of tools

Instruction book

Acceptance criteria


Shape tolerances:±1mm

Length tolerance:±1mm



Control System


Function: through the USB interface or network design parameters directly to the control computer, installed by the computer NC control software to import and automatically read BOM documents, after the introduction of the production batch can be selected


Voltage: 220V, 50Hz

Control mode: PC operation Win8 operating system, built-in control software

PLC manufacturer: Panasonic Japan

Relay: Schneider

Button: Schneider

Hydraulic valve: Rexroth


Introduction of Light Steel Keel Roll Forming Machine


The lower assembly house to light steel structure as the structure system and the traditional wooden structure, brick, brick and concrete structure compared with the building of high strength, light weight, good seismic performance, high degree of industrialization, the construction quality is high, the structure is light, the best continuity and the shortest construction period, suitable for different climatic conditions the atmosphere and environment, can be reused, reducing environmental pollution and building excellent.


Light steel structure is Chinese designated by the Ministry of housing and urban construction assembled low rise residential industrialization, business involves the new wall materials, energy-saving building structure, the overall energy saving system of new housing, housing equipment, the production of energy-saving building materials products and equipment production enterprise.


Our company integrates production, scientific research, development, manufacturing assembly type housing equipment enterprises. Housing investment, energy saving, environmental protection, economic and comfortable, beautiful, seismic, prefabricated housing quality intelligent, building green houses, build quality houses will become light steel structure industry in the future an important new market space.


Light Steel Villa Roll Forming Machine Detailed Parameters


Strip technical parameters

1. Strip width:100~450mm

2. Strip thickness:0.75~1.2mm

3. Coil diameter:φ430~590mm

4. Maximum diameter of coil:φ1300mm

5. Coil weight:3 T

6. Coil material:G550

7. Crescent steel coil≤5mm/10m

8. The amount of unilateral coil tower≤50mm








Four specifications

Plate shape optional

Additional component

A group of three hole wall anchor

(two diameter 3.5 wall connecting holes with a diameter of 16 feet connecting holes)

Description: 65 models, 70 models are mainly used for indoor partition wall; the model is generally as follows the following layer of three outside. The walls and the interior walls are the partition walls (three floors of this equipment can be completed); type 140. No. 140 is generally used as the following six floors (in order to save materials, the general use of the external walls of the model 89 types of walls


Light Steel Keel Roll Forming Machine Composition and Detailed Description


No Device name Quantity Remark
1 Decoiler 1 3Tons
2 Forming machine (forming, punching groove cutting, ink-jet printing) 1  
3 Control system 1  
4 Transmission and hydraulic system 1  
5 Supporting frame 1 6m
6 Accessories and spare parts
No Device name Parameter Remarks
1 Forming machine frame


steel welding

Flatness + 0.2mm



Material: GCr15 Processing technology: CNC processing heat treatment to HRC55-58, and then fine grinding
3 Axis Material: 40Cr Processing technology: NC processing after quenching and tempering HRC28-32, and then grinding tolerance -0.02mm -0.05mm
4 Side Aluminum alloy anode treatment
5 Feeding way Guide plate + guide wheel group
6 Guiding Five roller (Up two down three) plus guiding
7 Alignment assembly On the two axes.
8 Forming punch Before forming punching (four slots), double punching four groups (pass custom)


Shear mode

Three knife cut after molding

Blade material: Cr12MoV

C U Profile Channel Light Steel Keel Roll Forming Machine 0


Printing Part



Marking system

(Equipped with double nozzles, identifiable

Positive side)

C U Profile Channel Light Steel Keel Roll Forming Machine 1 C U Profile Channel Light Steel Keel Roll Forming Machine 2
Matthews printer controller Nozzle


Villa Light Steel Keel Specifications


Specification 70mm 89mm 140mm 70mm/89mm 89mm/140mm 89mm-300mm
Function Single specification Single specification Single specification Double specification Double specification Standard polar transformation
Printer Both hole printer Both hole printer Both hole printer Both hole printer Both hole printer Both hole printer
Profile C C C C C C
Coil Thickness 0.75-1.2mm 0.75-1.3mm 0.75-1.4mm 0.75-1.5mm 0.75-1.6mm 0.75-1.7mm
Operation system HG-R1 HG-R1 HG-R1 HG-R3 HG-R3 HG-R5
Forming speed 30m/min high speed without punching&cutting 31m/min high speed without punching&cutting 32m/min high speed without punching&cutting 33m/min high speed without punching&cutting 34m/min high speed without punching&cutting 35m/min high speed without punching&cutting
Motor power 5.5KW 5.5KW 5.5KW 7.5KW 11KW 22KW
Hydraulic motor power 7.5KW 7.5KW 7.5KW 7.5KW 7.5KW 11KW
Hydraulic cooling Air conditioning cooling Air conditioning cooling Air conditioning cooling Air conditioning cooling Air conditioning cooling Air conditioning cooling
Hydraulic cooling cooling system cooling system cooling system cooling system cooling system cooling system
Hydraulic accumulator
Shearing Post cutte Post cutte Post cutte Post cutte Post cutte Stepless post cutte
Triple hole
Service hole
Web swage
Lip cut
Truss notch
Wed notch
Electrical conditions 380V/50HZ 380V/50HZ 380V/50HZ 380V/50HZ 380V/50HZ 380V/50HZ
Hydraulic station 230L 230L 230L 230L 230L 230L
Dimensions 5.25m*1.1m*1.6m 5.25m*1.1m*1.6m 5.25m*1.1m*1.6m 5.25m*1.6m*1.6m 5.25m*1.6m*1.6m 9.8m*2.0m*1.8m
Weight 3.5T 3.5T 3.5T 4.5T 4.5T 8.5T
Uncoiler 3T 3T 3T 3T 3T 3T
Materiel platform 3M 3M 3M 3M 3M 3M


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