Automatic Metal Steel Tube Pipe Bar Elevator Guide Rail Cold Drawing Machine

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Co-effort
Certification: CO,CE,FORM A, FORM E
Model Number: LBJ-D30
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: USD 30000/set
Packaging Details: Plastic Film and Wooden Case
Delivery Time: 30 days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 5 set/month
Detail Information
Machine Name: Cold Drawing Machine Rated Drawing Length: 12.5M
Rated Drawing Speed: 12m/min Speed Adjusts Range: 0~18m/min
Rated Drawing Force: 300KN Motor Power: 75KW
Motor Speed: 990rpm Pitch: 180mm
Machine Weight: 3 Tons Machine Condition: New
Chain Plate: 16×120×310mm Material Of Chain: 65Mn
Type: Single Chain
High Light:

straight line drawing machine


hydraulic drawing machine

Product Description

Automatic Metal Steel Tube Pipe Bar Elevator Guide Rail Cold Drawing Machine



Usage for Cold Drawing Machine

It is used to reduce the diameter of round steel and make the diameter of round steel reach the size of rolling wire. This machine can pull out the old screw steel into round steel once, which can be renovated and reused.

Specification of Cold Drawing Machine


1. Equipment Overview
A. This equipment is applicable to the drawing (drawing, cold drawing, light drawing and flower drawing) processing equipment of metal tube (bar)
B. Mechanical structure double chain drawing machine Taiwan brand drawing machine technology

2. After one end of the working mode material is reduced by the indenter (indenter), it is held by human hand and extended into the central frame mold of the drawing machine. After being pneumatically clamped, the chain hooks the chain for drawing. When drawing, the vibration of the machine body is required to be small, the drawing speed is uniform and stable, and the best precision of the finished product after drawing is achieved, so as to achieve the uniform surface, smooth and good quality of the finished product. Generally, the above requirements are achieved after drawing

3. Equipment capacity
A. Stretch form 1 line stretch
B. Tensile force 150kn
C. Tensile speed 0-12m / min
D. Tensile length 9m
E. Core pulling length (propeller length) effective length 8M
F. The maximum outer diameter of plain pipe is ф 100mm, and the wall thickness is 2.5mm
G. Center height 800mm

4. Machine construction
A. Motor and operation panel
(1) Type-45kw1 excitation speed regulating motor, reducer zq-850 1:48.75 1 trolley speed reducing motor 2.2kW 15:1 1 1
(2) Output
(3) Speed
(4) Power supply voltage 380V 50-60Hz

5. Drive part
(1) Frame C360 C160 channel steel and flat steel 30 * 40 welding main frame: C360 * 12000 core pulling frame C360 * 10000
(2) Chain 48b-2 Taiwan chain
(3) Sprocket shaft Ф 125

6. Structure of supporting part
(1) Mould base spherical mould ф 260mm
(2) Die mounting frame steel plate welding structure (cylinder push in rod internal mold)
(3) Feeder cylinder rocker arm rotating material receiving
(4) The feeder is equipped with manual feeding. If it is necessary to automatically feed the rack (roll into the sliding groove, the reduction motor pushes into the core drawing die, the core drawing die automatically rises and penetrates into the material, then it is lowered to the horizontal position, and pushed into the drawing die by the tailstock cylinder), RMB 30000.00 will be added
(6) Drawing trolley pneumatic clamp, clamp arm, pneumatic chain hook, return chain drive belt deceleration
(7) Automatic cutting none
(8) High pressure and high temperature oil pump, internal and external mold pump oil at the same time


Technical Parameter of Cold Drawing Machine


Item Description Spec and figure of drawing machine
1 Rated drawing length (m) 12.5
2 Rated drawing speed (m/min.) 12
Speed adjusts range (m/min.) 0~18
3 Rated drawing force (KN) 300
4 Main drive
Motor type Y315S-6
Motor power (Kw) 75
Motor speed (rpm) 990
Motor brand Nanjing Kote
Type of gear reducer ZS145
Brand Jiangsu Taixiang
5 Main transmission chain
Pitch (mm) 180
Chain plate (mm) 16×120×310
Material of chain 65Mn
Material of chain pin 40Cr
6 Drawing car
Drawing car return motor Y132S-6
Car return speed (m/min) 40
Motor power (kw) 3
Type of clamping and drop-hook Mechanical
7 Automatic mandrel
Motor type Y132M1-6
Power of motor(kw) 4
Speed (m/min) 60
8 Weight of main machine (ton) About 24 ton
9 Price of raw material stacking table and finished product collecting stack (USD) 7,500.00
10 Weight of Item 10 (ton) About 3 ton
11 Overall length: more than 40m; longest single piece: 8m


Model Rated drawing force(T) Maximum clamp diameter(mm) Maximum reduction rate(%) Main chain pitch(p) Main chain bar size (height × thickness) Trolley return speed(m/min) Main motor power(KW) Reducer model Effective length of drawing(mm)
LW5 5 Ф25 20% 78.18 45×10 55 11 ZQ500 8
LW10 10 Ф32 25% 103.2 60×13 55 30 ZQ750 10
LW15 15 Ф40 25% 160 100×10 60 45 ZQ850 10
LW20 20 Ф45 25% 180 120×16 60 55 ZQ1000 10
LW30 30 Ф50 20% 180 120×18 60 75 ZQ1250 10
LW45 45 Ф60 20% 220 140×18 60 90 ZQ1450 10
LW60 60 Ф80 20% 250 150×20 55 110 ZQ1650 10
LW80 80 Ф90 20% 260 150×25 55 132 QJS-D-710 10
LW100 100 Ф100 18% 300 180×30 50 132 QJS-D-800 10
LW120 120 Ф120 18% 320 200×30 50 160 QJS-D-900 10
LW150 150 Ф130 18% 350 210×32 50 200 QJS-D-1000

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